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Aluminum Wire

​#1 PET Plastic Bottles

What We Don't Buy:

​Bright & Shiny     Copper #1           Copper #2        Insulated Wire #1     Insulated Wire #2       Holiday Lights


Painted Old Sheet

#2 HDPS Plastic

What We Buy?

Monday - Friday          9:00 Am  -  5:00 PM

Saturday                      9:00 AM  -  3:00 PM

Sunday                         Closed  your paragraph here.


Aluminum Pieces

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We Will Be Closed Thursday July 4th, 2019!

We will resume normal business hours on Friday July 5th 2019

Yellow Brass

Litho Sheet

Non Ferrous Metals

6063 Painted

​Aluminum Cans

Ferrous Metals

HMS #1 Prepared         HMS Unprepared             Tin                    Appliances 

(2'x4' pieces or smaller)           (Bigger than 2'x4')

Red Brass

6063 Extrusion

CRV Products:

Aluminum Radiator     Copper Radiator        Auto Radiator



Glass Bottles

Die Cast

430 Olive Ave

Vista, CA 92083


If You Don't See Something On Our List, Please Call  Us and We Will Assist You!     760-295-9618

Stainless Steel

Aluminum Turnings

    $1.70/pound                        $0.104/pound                                 $1.29/pound                

Stainless Steel       Stainless Steel Turnings

       Iron                    Lead

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  • Government Property

  • Stolen Items
  • ​Out-of-State Redemption containers
  • Tires
  • ​Radioactive Material
  • ​Street Signs
  • ​Wood
  • Pallets
  • Paper
  • ​Cardboard
  • ​Closed Containers
  • ​E-waste

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