​#1 PET Plastic Bottles

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​          FEB. 2021:

Red Brass


Aluminum Wire

Glass Bottles

Painted Old Sheet


Non Ferrous Metals

CRV Products:

What We Don't Buy:

Yellow Brass

Die Cast

Ferrous Metals

HMS #1 Prepared         HMS Unprepared             Tin                    Appliances 

(2'x4' pieces or smaller)           (Bigger than 2'x4')



6063 Painted

What We Buy?

       Iron                    Lead

6063 Extrusion

​Aluminum Cans

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Stainless Steel

Aluminum Turnings

#2 HDPE Plastic

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Aluminum Radiator     Copper Radiator        Auto Radiator


430 Olive Ave

Vista, CA 92083


    $1.65/pound                        $0.104/pound                                 $1.27/pound                                    $0.56             

Monday - Friday          9:00 AM  -   4:45 PM

Saturday                      9:00 AM  -  12:45 PM

Sunday                         Closed  

Stainless Steel       Stainless Steel Turnings

Aluminum Pieces


Litho Sheet

​Bright & Shiny     Copper #1           Copper #2        Insulated Wire #1     Insulated Wire #2       Holiday Lights

  • Government Property

  • Stolen Items
  • ​Out-of-State Redemption containers
  • Tires
  • ​Radioactive Material
  • ​Street Signs
  • ​Wood
  • Pallets
  • Paper
  • ​Cardboard
  • ​Closed Containers
  • ​E-waste

       We Offer Commercial Service!

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